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Because... People Do Business With People They

Know, Like, & Trust

Do You Struggle With Social Media?

Are you constantly stressed out about what to post?

Are you unsure how to engage your audience?

Do you find it challenging to be consistent?

Are you stuck using generic, stock photos?

Do you need new and continuous online content?

And is all the TIME it takes keeping you from being present in life?! 

Business owners don't have time to worry about social media daily,

so I batch create 3 months worth of content in a single session

to save them time, and give them a steady stream of

professional quality photos, that strengthen connections with

their audience to increase conversions.

Here's How it Works, In a Snap:

(see what I did there?)



One StorySession batch creates 3 months worth of photo content, so meeting 4x/year gives you a year of content in just 4 days


Strengthen Your Brand

With high quality photos, and enough to post daily, you will strengthen your brand while capturing the attention of your audience.  They will come to KNOW you as you consistently show up. 


Grow an Engaged Audience

Sharing the authentic stories captured during our sessions that your audience relates to builds connection.  Your audience comes to LIKE you as you get personal with them about who you are, what you do, how you do it, and why. 


Increase conversions

Now that your audience knows your face, your values, and what they have in common with you, they are ready to TRUST you.  You increase conversions and your business and audience continues to grow! 


The best part: saved time

If you previously spent 30mins/day posting on social media, we save you an entire month of time every year

What you do with your time gained is up to you. You could make more money, spend more time with family, give back to your community! 


Check out some samples from a single storysession:

Hi! I'm Melissa

An entrepreneur with a

LOVE-HATE relationship with my social media, JUST LIKE YOU

Trained in the unique StorySession Method by Jamie Swanson aimed at getting you results, I use the power of photos to tell


I am gifted at putting people at ease, and capturing real emotion while looking your best -no matter how awkward you may feel in front of the camera!

I would love to work with you if your business:

is family-focused

has high moral standard

genuinely cares about it's customers

is looking to grow it's team

Sunflowers 2018-2-copy.jpg

I'm In! What's Next? 

Step One: Contact Me

Step Two: We'll Chat

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Step Three: Book It!


If you keep doing what you've always done,

you'll keep getting what you've always gotten Tony Robbins

What's My Investment? 


How much is inconsistent and impersonal content costing you? How much of your audience can't see you in the sea of noise?  How many potential customers are passing up your product or services because they don't know WHO you are? Does your audience know your values?  Do they trust you?  And how much time are you spending finding content to post on a daily basis?!  Your social media habits may already be costing you a great deal.


What's Included: 

4 sessions/year 


Commercial Usage License 


Unlimited Crops/Sizing for online use 


up to 6 hrs of Shooting per session


Subscription 1



Stories & Photos

Subscription 2


5 Stories 

90 Photos 


Subscription 3


3 Stories

60 Photos

** Special**


Single Session or Subscription

5 Stories

90 Photos

4 hours of shooting

To offer the best services I can, I take on limited recurring clients, so don't wait!

Sneak Peek-11.jpg

Sarah, Simplify Life

Melissa has been a pleasure to work with. She takes the time to get to know her clients, their vision. She has a natural eye for photography and seems to always capture the little moments in between the posed images.  I can’t wait to work with her in the years to come on my company’s vision as well as capturing those little moments with my children as they grow.

Sneak Peek-1.jpg

Jaclyn, Aktiv Massage Therapy

The experience was fun, inviting, comfortable, uplifting and it made me feel like my business mattered and is important and that those photos showcase that.  I feel they truly show future clients the kind of therapy that I do and who I am.  Those photos were easy to do and were very relaxed.  I am so impressed.

RVF Personal Brand March 2019-85.jpg

Laura, Roaming Valley Farm

The majority of the images we use are from cell phones captured in the moment. It's great to have professional pictures to use on our social media and website.  They provide a cleaner polished look. And give our feed a professional look. 

Nothing Is More Valuable Than Attention

Gary Vaynerchuk


Your Audience is on Social Media

You Need to Stand Out From The Noise

You Already Have What You Need 

to Grab Their Attention: 




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